Future medical camps

2012 Fiji and Vietnam
We have secured property, building permits, homes, land in both countries for future clinics! HOW EXCITING!
2010 Vietnam
I will be returning to Vietnam this December of 2010 to host a 2 week camp, completely free for the people of Dong Hoi. It will be the first time they have had acupuncture in the area, and in particular given to them by a Westerner. We are very excited that the village has accepted us, and allowed us to donate our time, needles and herbs for the people there. I will be going with just myself and my wife. We will be looking for a future base of operations for our free medical camps in Asia. Our goal is to set up a permanent base of treatment with acupuncturists coming and going through the whole year, with the locals being taught some basic acupuncture; so they can continue the camp once we leave.
It will be amazing, for sure, all camps always are.
2/10/2009 Vietnam
We recently have returned from Vietnam, and i must say it was amazing! The country, the people, the medicine, the trip…!!! It was a great experience! We are currently looking towards another trip and looking for volunteers who would like to make the trip. The class size will be limited! We will be in South and Central Vientam. Please email us if your interested. We are putting together a timetable, prices, etc for the trip. It will be amazing for sure.
ONE DAY CLOSER IS ALSO SPONSERING ALL OTHERS FOR INTERNATIONAL TRIPS! ONE DAY CLOSER is open to helping those who want to go volunteer but dont have a non profit status to raise money. If you need help in that, please email us, and we can talk about One Day Closer being your sponsor so that you can raise money that is tax deductible. Many people want to raise money but dont have 5013(c) non profit status. Since One Day Closer is a registered non profit we can help other raise money under out name. (such as the nepal trip that is taking place right now)
Check back continuously to see how the trips are going.
Future ideas and trips for 2009.
We are working to establish a free acupuncture hospital both in North East India and Nepal in the Annapurna mountain range. We are in talks to do a free medical clinic in Honduras, and start a continuing acupuncture medical clinic in Vietnam. Our free acupuncture clinics continue to expand abroad and we look forward to additional free acupuncture hospitals and teaching centers abroad.
Honduras is still in the works, Peru popped up on the map for treating high in the Andes, Egypt is still a possibility; Mongolia, Guatemala, and future trips to Nepal. As we move forward, more and more places are becoming available. Every door that seemed unmovable have all magically begun to open for One Day Closer. There are so many countries, cities, villages and organizations that are requesting us, it is simply overwhelming! We shall continue to volunteer our acupuncture services, set up our free medical camps and work with organizations to bring free acupuncture to the world.
Please continue to check these other amazing folks doing tremendous work around the globe. They also take volunteers and they all do incredible healing and giving.
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